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1. Sign Not Updated Often Enough

Keeping the same content on your sign for longer than 2 weeks is wasted on local traffic as once they have read your message three or four times in their daily commute. After reading many times, they are wanting something new and will turn their attention elsewhere, given you are advertising for local traffic of course.

If you feel you don’t have much to put on your sign, instead of using time/temp, waving flag or cutesy graphics – create your same message in a different way or targeted to a different audience. Example: If you are selling tires, create an ad that will appeal to Seniors, another version to parents of teenage drivers, and another to young parents. You have tires for sale. Each of those audiences has a different level of concern. Address those targets.

teenage driversYoungParentsSenior_Driving_Safety

2. Predictable Messages Canned Art

Stating the obvious such as a bank that has “Free Checking” or “ATM” on your led sign- those are items that are a given. Tell your audience WHY they need to STOP IN NOW..don’t just tell them that.

What makes you better than your competitor? That is it – Period. Then create that in various ways – targeting all the variables in your audiences. Sendiors, young parents, etc. You can use same message in a different way.questionjpg

Also, using the stock graphics that came with your sign. How many times we drive down the street and see many signs playing the same message? People are just becoming numb to signs because of this. Yes, your sign came with a million fun graphics. None do your business any good. Sorry. They don’t work.

3. Too Much Information on Sign Message

So many times I go by a sign and overloaded with details. A few things that you should consider:

The year: Unless that is important. But if you are advertising an event in the current year,  just the date it fine.

W’s! Do you know there is no where else you will go if you do not type WWW you will wind up in exactly the same place! PLUS you save the space on your sign – allowing for bigger characters which translates into people being able to start reading your sign farther away. There is not other internet… Ws are not needed – ever.

Time:   8:00 can be simple: 8am  (no space not dots – it is a sign). Being overly proper on a sign costs valuable real estate. It is not less professional if laid out correctly.

Phone numbers– I am not a huge fan. Not sure who writes down phone numbers from sign as they are driving by. Can the Google your business and get the phone number? Most people will if your ad is enticing enough. If you are on interstate and have a number that is not easy to remember – leave it to Google.  Same with email address. Unless it is like but if it is  don’t try it. You wasted valuable sign real estate.

I don’t see this much – a remnant of earlier signs of the 90s, but occasionally the dreaded scrolling text effect. If you must ..just scroll the 1 word that is too long..and make sure you take off hold time so it scrolls all the way thru and doesn’t hang there and kill the rest of the message. (many people weren’t taught that in sign software training). As a sign software trainer, we make sure to train on that usage.

That is just a few. I have a lot more, you can get if you subscribe to Tips N Tricks of Sign programming we put out monthly.

4. Sign is Too Busy

Overuse of the sign software’s effects. They are fun at first. But quickly are annoying, create disgruntled citizens which in turn create ordinances against digital signs. This happens a lot.

Subtle effects are the best. Learn your software and how to use timings. I have a great series on this on how to get attention without being annoying or overly distracting. There is a line you really need to not cross or it can hurt you.

5. Sign Colors: Best Colors to use on Digital Signs?

Overuse of colors of more than 4 colors is generally too many.  To get a clean look without being unprofessional, at least with font colors. And no more than 3 font styles per ad.

Try not to use competing colors..strong red with strong blue…a dark background with pastel hues on the fonts is good. That gives a good contrast and easy on the eyes. Again, sign up for our “Tips” and you will get more extensive information on this subject.

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