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isasisIf you’re looking to optimize graphics on your LED sign graphics, you have come to the right place.

This is because LED signs are not only amazing pieces of technology, but they are also perfect for advertising and product recognition.



Take note that LED sign graphics have their limitations in terms of points of light or the number of pixels, making up the display. Pixels are aligned in rows across the display length, and columns that go up and down the display height.



Typically, only the height in pixels are used for comparative purposes, as the height can be smaller than the width. Moreover, LEDs are presented longer instead of taller for the user to include text messages from the left to the right of the display. A typical display can be measured at 32 x 96 pixels. You can just imagine the size of a high-definition television of 1080 pixels in height, while a 5-megapixel image is around 1920 pixels in height.



With this size, it is impossible to replicate it on an LED display. You might wonder how someone can have their video or image and make it look great on a sign. The solution can be done by changing its size to fit the display.



You can place a video or image on the LED display in several ways, including the following:


  • Resizing: shrinking or enlarging the video or image to fit the display
  • Cropping: selection of a portion of the video or image that you would want to display
  • You may opt to combine the two options of resizing and cropping to achieve a common result





When you choose the resizing method, you should know that this is the least that you need to do. Doing this can result in the loss of detail, as you would combine many pixels which can distort the image. So, the bigger the original image, the more you need to combine to fit the available matrix of LED.





You might find that cropping is a more suitable way to fit a video or image to a display. If you remove a portion of the image, you can still have the original aspect ratio of the image. So, it wouldn’t look scrunched or stretched.



Resizing and Cropping


Doing adjustments either resizing or cropping or a combination of both is a more suitable option. You can then resize the image first, then crop the remaining portion, or you can do both simultaneously. This way, you can maximize the options that you have depending on the outcome of your image for that matter.



Choosing The Right Media


You can use a video or image that you can edit for your LED sign graphics. However, you should also know that it is best to select one that doesn’t have much detail and has smoother graduation of colors or shades. A video or image may have a high amount of detail with many adjacent pixels mixed into a single image, which results in a loss of clarity.

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