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Using a LED digital sign and billboard is one of the best ways to increase sales substantially. Even in an area crowded with retail businesses, you can stand out the right way with beautiful LED signs.

But your custom digital sign is only as good as the message you convey with it, which means programming the right content to reach the right audience.

To ensure marketing success through this medium, your LED must run content that is:


Of High Quality

This means the message you program into your LED digital sign must impact your bottom line. Utilize its full potential and earn more in the process. So make sure that the signage content is professional-looking and nothing like typical canned holiday art.



Your message should reach out to a wide range of audiences within your target market. This requires customer intelligence and getting to know your target audience at a certain level. The more that your LED digital sign creates a targeted impression the higher your chances of getting leads and converting them into sales.


Played at the Right Time

In business, timing is everything and the same is true with an LED digital sign and billboard. It is important that you determine:

  • How long an ad should play
  • The best time of day to play it
  • How many times of the day to play an ad

The best sign software will have advanced scheduling features so you can ensure perfect timing for when your ads on LED run. This is also one way to ensure that your ads don’t become boring and old.


Programming a New LED Sign

What you do will depend on the type of LED digital sign that you have, whether it is a hi-definition, plasma, or LCD Indoor Screen. LED signs usually come with software that you can use to program your message in.


Hi-Def Color or Grayscale LED Signs

Use a Windows PC that can connect via wireless broadband, wireless radio, fiber optic cable, phone modem, or other connecting device that an LED company provides.

  • Program in your content from your computer.
  • Schedule and update the messages displayed according to your preference.

When programming an LED digital sign and billboard, it is up to you to take the DIY route or leave the professionals to it.


If what you have is a full-featured, high-quality LED sign, then you should allow a provider to program in the text and images on your digital sign. They, more than anyone else, know how to create an ad that looks professional and high quality.


With this in mind, contact SIGNPROgrammers for a programmable LED sign that is cost-effective and appealing to your target market.


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