Is Your Sign an Asset or Liability?

How do you get your  digital sign to be effective?

Are you paying for Yellow Page ads?  Radio?   TV ads?  Are they expensive?

Do you work on your Facebook and Social Media likes?  You may get “likes” but does that transform into revenue?

A Digital signage is the Best ROI for a Business.

Potential clients are already in their car…in front of your business, all you need to do is get them inside!

IDEA: Take your yellow pages ad money for 1 month  and  try 1 or 2 professionally created pieces of sign content. See which brought more traffic.

  • FACT: A  holiday graphic is not going to make one person stop in. An ad created around the holiday will.
  • FACT: Traffic is not reading your ad after seeing it 3 times.  Change your sign every 3 days, even if same wording.
  • FACT: Targeting traffic using professionally developed sign ads are more effective than social media marketing campaigns. If you are running same ads, same canned art, chances are you are missing opportunities for digital sign effectiveness and increasing your ROI


Inside or Outside Signprogrammers, Inc. knows how to use marketing on your sign or in your waiting area. The proper fonts, timing, colors – as well as good images that are crisp and clean lend to your profession image. We have been doing sign content since 1999. We can make any sign look awesome!

Let Signprogrammers, Inc. create your explainer, trainer, promoter, animated product marketing, kiosk graphics, custom sign animation, marketing videos, plasma screens, for any type of video display or electronic L.E.D. sign. and all your video marketing advertising needs.

Call or contact us today for a free PDF about the returns on a digital sign.